From Business Concerns to Policy Action: Overcoming non-tariff obstacles to trade

Parallel Session II at the World Export Development Forum 2012.

Monday, 15 October 2012, Jakarta


Non-tariff measures (NTMs) are of particular concern to exporters and importers in developing countries, for whom they may represent a major impediment to international trade and market access. Exporting companies seeking access to foreign markets and companies importing
products need to comply with a wide range of requirements, including technical regulations, product standards and customs procedures. NTMs vary across products and countries, and can change quickly.

In developing countries in particular, the business sector often lacks the information, capabilities and facilities needed to meet the complex requirements and to demonstrate compliance with NTMs at reasonable cost. National policymakers, on the other hand, need a clear understanding of what their business sector perceives as predominant obstacles to trade to develop the most appropriate trade-related policies. To meet these challenges, a priority needs to be placed on enhancing transparency in NTMs. ITC, for instance, is contributing to increased transparency by conducting large-scale company surveys in 30 developing countries in cooperation with national governments. The results of these surveys provide a diagnostic tool that can help governments, international organizations and donors identifying priority areas for action.

  • How can enterprises, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, be assisted to meet trade standards and overcome trade barriers in relation to NTMs?
  • How can trade support institutions (TSIs) respond to sector-specific challenges and tailor their NTM-related support to businesses?
  • What can policymakers do to improve businesses’ compliance with NTMs and remove non-tariff barriers to trade?
  • What lessons can be learnt from cases in Latin America, Africa and the Arab States?


Stefan Bederski
Director and General Manager of AgroExport Topara, Peru

Lucas Murenzi
Commercial Attaché at the Rwandan High Commission in Singapore.

H.E. Pan Sorasak
Secretary of State at Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce

Anders Aeroe (Moderator)
Director, Division of Market Development, ITC


Session Summary: From Business Concerns to Policy Action - Overcoming non-tariff obstacles to trade

Speaking Notes: Non-tariff measures: A Cambodian perspective - H.E. Pan Sorasak

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Mr Lucas Murenzi at WEDF 2012

H.E. Pan Sorasak at WEDF 2012