Training of trainers on ‘NTMs and Market Access’ 

Organised in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi (Two sessions)

April -July 2019; February - May 2020.


Following the deliver of the first two trainings in Viet Nam on NTMs, ITC in collaboration with Vietrade designed a 'training of trainers' program with the aim of developing local capacity to replicate trainings on ‘NTMs and Market Access: key concepts and information tools’. Participants selected for this training were local expert or members of Vietnamese trade support institutions. The training of trainer was delivered through two different sessions:

1. Training of Trainers for network of the Southern Region, in Ho Chi Minh City – from April to July 2019.

2. Training of Trainers for network of the Northern Region, in Hanoi – from February to May 2020.

Structure of the Training of Trainers 

The ‘Training Of Trainers’ (TOT) consists of five different stages and takes place over a 4-month period. 

The ‘Training Of Trainers’ (TOT) consists in a 4-month process comprising five different stages:

Stage 1: The e-Preparatory work

During the e-preparatory stage candidates are asked to complete a personal personal assignment.  It is aimed at revising the basic concepts that were covered in the previous training.  The assignment consists of five exercises covering tariffs, NTMs, rules of origin, procedural obstacles, and harmonized system (HS) of product classification. These preparatory works would enable the participants efficiently utilize their time during ToT 1.

Stage 2: Training of Trainers workshop # 1

The first 'Training of Trainers' is a 5-days workshop that consists of a content-focused training giving participants in-depth knowledge on NTMs and ITCs market analysis tools. The training is delivered by ITC trade and market intelligence experts. 

Stage 3: Personal Assignment

Between the TOT workshops candidates are asked to complete a personal assignment 'at home'. It is aimed at giving candidates an opportunity to gain more autonomy in conducting analysis and to gather perspectives from the content acquired during ToT 1. It also prepares candidate for the second TOT.

The personal assignment requires candidates to prepare presentation slides and supporting materials for a 30-45 minutes presentation to introduce new participants on the subject of 'Market Access and NTMs: key concepts and information tools'. They are also asked to draft a document detailing their plans on how they intend to train and share information with local businesses. This is to ensure that knowledge from the workshop is passed on by trainees to local businesses who will benefit the most. 

Stage 4: Training of Trainers workshop # 2

The second 'Training of Trainers' is an on-site 5-days workshop. This workshop consists in the delivery of knowledge acquired and improving presentation skills. During this workshop, each participant is asked to deliver the presentation designed during the personal assignment to the team of trainers, and the fellow candidates.

Stage 5: Certification

Following the completing of all previous four stages, candidates are assessed based on the grades obtained at each stage. Trainers from ITC and Vietrade make the decision on candidates that can be certified. Results of the training are communicated individually to each participants. Candidates that did not complete the ToT were encouraged to apply again in the future trainings delivered in Viet Nam.

Training of Trainers - Ho Chi Minh City

The TOT programme in Ho Chi Minh City was the first of two TOT programmes in Vietnam. It took place between April and July 2019. Vietrade intially enrolled 25 participants for the program out of which 19 completed the mandatory e-preparatory work to qualify for the ToT workshop #1.

The 19 participants that completed the training demonstrated excellent understanding of the subject matter. Among them, 15 participants fulfilled the criteria to be a Certified Trainer on the subject.

The assessment of the participants' personal assignments revealed overall good quality of the work. This exercise also proved to be very useful during ToT 2 to discuss in a specific way with which participant about the future concrete actions toward the Training.

Mr. Tai, Deputy Director of Vietrade in Hanoi attended the closing ceremony of the TOT program.

Training of Trainers - Hanoi

The second ToT program took place in Hanoi between February and May 2020.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 in Viet Nam, ITC staff could not travel to deliver workshop #2 of the ToT process in Ha Noi. A continuation plan was set in place and the ToT was completed at distance, by a series of online presentation of the participants. Despite intial doubts of local participants, those sessions were satisfactory through the provided Vietnamese translation and more time devoted to the individual presentations of each candidates.


The two 'training of trainers' resulted in the creation of the ‘NTM Network’ in Viet Nam. Thirty members of governmental institutions, trade-support institutions, business institutions and independent trainers form the network. See here the list of members of the NTM network.

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