ITC Programme on Non-Tariff Measures

ITC's programme on non-tariff measures (NTMs) aims at increasing transparency and help countries better understand the non-tariff obstacles to trade faced by their business sectors. In close collaboration with national and regional stakeholders, ITC is engaged in a multi-agency initiative that assists countries in finding solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.

The programme is in line with the ITC corporate strategy to focuses on the areas of expertise in which it can have the greatest impact. ITC’s integrated solutions concentrates around a core set of six focus areas to ensure effectiveness. These six focus areas represent a coherent set of interventions with corresponding programmes that are adapted and customised into client-focused solutions.

The NTM programme falls under the ITC’s focus area, “Trade and market intelligence for SME competitiveness”, that promotes transparency in trade and business intelligence to facilitate decision-making. Solutions to trade obstacles offered fall under other focus areas.

The programme is led by ITC's Market Analysis and Research (MAR) section.

Ministries, trade support institutions and business associations are invited to collaborate with ITC in increasing transparency and understanding of NTMs in their country. Upon request, ITC may also offer technical assistance and capacity building programmes in the area of NTMs. Countries interested in collaborating with ITC are encouraged to contact us.

Components of the programme

The ITC programme on NTMs is composed of three main pillars.

NTM business surveys

NTM business surveys

Large-scale surveys of exporters and importers to better understand their difficulties with NTMs.

Regulatory mapping

Regulatory mapping

Collection, classification and dissemination of trade related rules and regulations.

Follow up actions

Follow up actions

Design and implementation of activities necessary to address companies’ difficulties with NTMs. Eg.: Trade Obstacle Alert


ITC's programme on non-tariff measures is funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), and European Commission (EC).

CAF – Development Bank of Latin America
Directorate-General for Trade, European Commission