ITC's Market Analysis Tools

The International Trade Centre has developed a range of market analysis tools that collectively help improve international-trade transparency and enable companies and trade support institutions to identify export/import opportunities and compare market-access requirements. 


ITC Tool
Trade Map

An interactive online database on international trade statistics, which presents useful indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors from both the product and country perspective.

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ITC Tool
Market Access Map

An analytical web application that enhances market transparency and facilitates trade-related policy analysis. It provides data on tariffs, non-tariff measures and trade remedies applied by more than 200 countries and territories.

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ITC Tool
Export Potential Map

A free innovative tool that identifies products, markets and suppliers with (untapped) export potential as well as opportunities for export diversification for 226 countries and territories and 4,238 products.

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ITC Tool
Rules of Origin Facilitator

A free online portal designed to help MSMEs to understand easily the applicable rules of origin to their products and get the most benefits from available trade agreements via a simple search function.

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ITC Tool
Market Price Information

An online tool to track most recent market price information from multiple sources and geographic areas that can make a difference for tomorrow’s business. it enhances enterprises’ ability to spot business opportunities and facilitates decision-making processes.

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ITC Tool
Procurement Map

The only free-access web platform that combines information on public tenders and contract awards with relevant information on sustainability standards and information on legislation implemented by countries to support women entrepreneurs or SMEs in public procurement.

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ITC Tool
Sustainability Map

An online platform enabling businesses to trade more sustainably. It provides access to a wide-range of information related to sustainability initiatives, standards and trends. 

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ITC Tool
Investment Map

A unique web-based analysis tool that combines statistics on foreign direct investment (FDI), international trade and market access conditions into a single portal. 

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Training platform on Market Analysis Tools

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ITC offers a wide range of interactive training materials on market analysis tools. For each tool, you will find downloadable presentations, practical exercises, video tutorials, user guides in different languages, in-depth explanations about our references and methodologies, and a leaflet briefly summarizing the functions of the tools.